L&W Autoline Bendtsen Roughness | Automated surface roughness measurement for paper and board

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Why measure surface roughness?

Good print quality and color reproduction requires a smooth surface. The surface roughness will also affect how different surface treatments, such as lamination, perform on a specific grade.

Surface roughness according to Bendtsen is a test method that is commonly used on rougher, non-coated grades.

Accurate and reliable measurement

L&W Autoline Bendtsen Roughness

L&W Autoline Bendtsen Roughness measures surface roughness according to the Bendtsen method and is performed with pressure compensation according to ISO 8791-2. 


  • Mechanism from lower side for precise parallelism
  • Simultaneous measurements from upper and lower side
  • Based on the proven L&W Bendtsen Tester
  • Provides both traditional and pressure-drop compensated Bendtsen values
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