L&W Bendtsen Tester

L&W Bendtsen Tester combines rapid routine measuring with high precision, in accordance with both traditional and new test standards. The Bendtsen method has long been a well known method for measuring the roughness of paper grades, from newsprint to liner.


  • Ease of use:
    – Auto-start, a photocell detects the presence of a sample and automatically initiates a measurement sequence, thus allowing hands-free operation measurements
    – Large touch screen for good overview
    – Intuitve user interface
    – Auto-cycling function that permits continuous measurements
  • Quick measurements:
    – Time saving with automatic moving of measuring head and pre-set measuring time
  • Accurate measurements:
    – High level of reproducibility with traceable calibration of the pressure transmitter and flow meter. Traceable nozzles included.
    – Barometric pressure compensation for improved precision
    – The fully automatic measurement sequence prevents any errors, or poor reproducibility caused by differences in instrument handling.

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