L&W Sample Cutter

Testing and industry-specific instruments

ABB’s L&W Sample Cutter is used for easy and quick preparation of accurate and precise test pieces for use in tearing, bending resistance and folding strength tests. It is manually operated and ergonomically designed with safety features for easy and secure operation across a wide range of paper grades and grammages.

The L&W Sample Cutter is a triple shear cutting, simple-yet-sturdy tool for easy, accurate and precise cutting of paper test pieces. The punch and die are made of tempered tool steel to ensure precision cutting, which is essential for accurate and reliable testing. This design also enables maximum life of the punch and die. 


  • For use in tearing, bending resistance and folding strength tests
  • Tempered tool steel punch and die
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Slide for collecting test pieces after cutting
  • Cuts wide range of grades and grammages
  • Cuts single and multiple sheets (depending on grammage)
  • Safety device around punch
  • Robust construction


  • Easy to use
  • Quick retrieval of cut pieces
  • Safe and ergonomic operation
  • Ensures testing requirements are met every time with precise sample preparation

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