L&W Bending Tester

With the pioneering heritage of lab paper testing from Lorentzen & Wettre, ABB brings the latest modern conveniences and enhancements in our fully updated L&W Bending Tester

ABB’s L&W Bending Tester is an easy-to-use and reliable instrument that measures bending resistance and stiffness of paper and board.

Enhanced automation and digitalization allow mills to meet target specifications and ensure product performance in converting and end-use operations. 

The L&W Bending Tester offers the best available features for reliable and repeatable measurement results.

Large touchscreen with intuitive menus.

Ease of operation

  • Large touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • Intuitive menus to save operator time and effort
  • Quick overview of results for an entire series
  • Graphical display of bending curve for quick analysis
  • Easy instrument calibration and check 
  • Ergonomically placed start button
The circular test piece support and pneumatic clamp enable easy loading and precise measurements.

Fast, repeatable and operator-independent results

  • Test piece support and automatic clamping ensure precise loading of sample
  • Auto-touch function enables automatic start of testing sequence without operator intervention
  • Test piece is bent automatically through the predetermined angle and testing speed and results are instantly displayed on the screen
  • Bending length detection ensures correct program settings.
Bending curve that shows bending force vs. angle during the testing sequence 


  • Includes easy-to-customize testing programs
  • Standard options, plus custom bending angle and custom testing speed options (within specified limits) are  available
  • Features 1mm bending length for low bending strength applications
  • Available with 1N, 5N or 10N loadcell versions
LMS dashboard


  • Features Ethernet connectivity for connecting to a mill-wide network
  • Enables streamlined set-up of lab instruments with less hardware
  • Offers connectivity to ABB’s L&W Lab Management System (LMS) for automatic capture, analysis and reporting of measurement results
  • Makes lab operations easier and faster, helping personnel increase the volume of tests

See the L&W Bending Tester in action


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Optional add-ons

Important options available include: an External Thermal Printer by Citizen, which is customized for use with ABB’s L&W lab paper testing instruments for easy and quick printing of measurement test results; the L&W Sample Punch which can be used for precise sample preparation pneumatically; and, the L&W Sample Cutter that can be used for easy and quick manual preparation of accurate and precise test pieces.


About the test method

Bending resistance is defined as the force (in Newton) that is required to bend a rectangular test piece to a specified angle, when the test piece is fixed at one end and the force is applied to its free end. 

Why measure bending resistance or stiffness?
Bending resistance and stiffness is an important material property that can affect the product performance in many converting and end-use operations. Low bending resistance/stiffness causes runnability issues during printing of paper, foldability issues during converting of board into packaging boxes, and stackability issues during handling and storage of packaging boxes. 
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