L&W Lab Management System for paper quality testing laboratories

Cut lab procedure time in half

Pulp and paper lab testing environments are tasked with providing quick and accurate reports on samples to ensure any process corrections can be made as soon as possible. Our web-based quality lab data management system automatically captures sample measurements from lab equipment and L&W Autoline and delivers results into customizable dashboards, providing users with data storage, management, analysis and reporting.

Easy operation

Designed with the lab process in mind, personnel will have more time to increase the volume of tests and focus on overall quality management. 
  • Focused workflow options with guided test plan
  • Start/stop/pause measurement or sample
  • Ability to define instrument types makes it simple to select right property
  • Easy to add/remove instruments
  • Requires minimum training

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Alignment to paper lab procedures

L&W Lab Management System's workflow is built to align to the sequence of tasks laboratories follow when a sample is received for testing. 
Sample mode
  • Make rounds with one sample per guided test plan
  • See testing progress and samples outside limits on dashboard
  • View live testing summary as the sample gets tested
Instrument mode
  • Test all samples on one instrument at a time
  • Focused view of the instrument measurements
  • One instrument / one sample: does not lock up all instruments

User-friendly dashboards, reporting and integration

The modern interface allows for role-based configurations and users can choose to view information by sample, position, time, or instrument. The measured values are compiled, and the statistics analyzed, in real-time.

Results can be exported to external mill-wide systems and integrated with ABB Quality Data Management and/or ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Execution System to enable lab information to be included with other key process indicators. 
  • View information by role type
  • Compare differences in up to four properties simultaneously
  • Configure and store report templates  
  • Easily integrate with ABB systems and/or export to mill-wide systems
  • Serial or Ethernet interfaces with L&W or third-party lab instruments, as well as L&W Autoline

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