ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Execution System for pulp and paper

ABB's pulp and paper MES offers maximum performance for mills on the path to real-time visibility, operational intelligence, and automation across the value chain

Evolving market demands and competition require pulp and paper producers to continuously improve the agility and efficiency of their operations for the delivery of products of the right quality at the right time.

As digitalization progresses, it brings a free flow of data from both IT and OT applications across the value chain, making interoperability a basic expectation. Working with a partner who has the competency and clear focus on the entire pulp and paper operation, from mill floor to enterprise level planning, is the best approach to convert digital data into world-class business results.


Choose a proven, flexible, scalable MES covering order-to-invoice and beyond

Trust ABB and our MES specifically designed for pulp and paper to help you deliver the best operational results. Our comprehensive and modular solution covers all the core MES functionalities across the value chain, from order handling through customer service management. These modules work seamlessly together and can be integrated with ERP systems and other ABB Ability™ applications to help you achieve new levels of operational efficiency.  

Satisfy changing market demands, dynamically and profitably

manufacturing efficiency


production input costs


customer satisfaction




total cost of ownership



Why over 100 pulp, board and paper mills use ABB MES solutions worldwide

Decades of experience collaborating with, and delivering informational and operational technologies to, the paper industry
After successful project deliveries, updates and configurability are made easy with continuing services provided by ABB – often in a seamless cooperation with customers’ own personnel. This ensures results and utilization are preserved, and total cost of ownership reduced.
SAPPI, Europe, North America, South Africa

“We have partnered with ABB because of their demonstrated commitment to the pulp and paper industry, their proven technical solutions and worldwide team, as well as their clear strategies for future investment and improvement in their MES solutions.”

Project know-how produces the right partner
The identification and harmonization of business processes, and the change management goals for the user community is as important as the IT implementation. Having ABB as an experienced partner during the implementation phase helps our customers navigate the complex project and ensure positive outcomes and user acceptance, with tangible results. 

“We wanted a system that was configurable, not customized. ABB MES lets us grow while continuing to work on cost... It was by far the smoothest cutover I’ve ever had. ”

Flexibility to manage evolving operations at reasonable ownership costs
ABB accompanies you at every step of your project, from the digital maturity assessments, building a desired and cyber secure digital architecture, commissioning, customized training and continuing support. Moreover, mills can easily configure different functions without requiring a program change. 

“In our evaluation of suppliers, ABB offered more flexibility around changes. ABB’s system could accommodate simple changes without significant cost increase... We couldn’t run the business without it.”

Ease of use with a modern interface
All MES user interfaces and navigation between displays have been co-created with pulp and paper customers, offering intuitive displays for superior mill-to-shopfloor visibility, most of which are web-based. With dashboards easily configurable for different grades, users can make changes on the fly directly from the management environment.

“Other systems ‘automatic email function’ is not automatic. With ABB, we can reduce steps with the built-in feature and configure it for different user needs, getting information to target in a more timely fashion.”

Automation synergies and ERP integration fast-tracks the modern mill transformation
Papermakers on the path to Digital Transformation choose ABB for our overall understanding of the whole automation landscape. As MES optimization algorithms identify the best resource allocations, execution sequences and recipes, it helps to have a partner that deeply understands the automation and shop floor layers when establishing robust interfaces to these.

“System integration has not only brought us new technology but also enabled us to build a system that matches our needs perfectly. We have realized considerable savings in our system costs”


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