L&W Autoline Sheffield Roughness | Automated surface topography measurement for paper and board

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Why measure roughness?

A smooth surface is needed for good print results and color reproduction. The requirement for the surface roughness differs depending on the print method used on the end product. Surface roughness also affects the results of surface treatments, such as lamination.

Accurate and precise measurement

L&W Autoline Sheffield Roughness

L&W Autoline Sheffield Roughness measures surface roughness of paper or board according to the Sheffield method, which has its roots in the North American market. The module combines rapid routine testing with high precision, in accordance with established TAPPI and ISO standards. 

The automatic and precise alignment of the measuring head on the top side or both sides of the paper sample ensures correct and reliable results. Both Sheffield roughness [ml/min] and Sheffield units [SU] are presented. 


  • Automatic measuring process provides superior precision and repeatability
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