L&W Autoline Burst | Automated measurement of bursting strength for paper and board

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Why measure bursting strength?

Bursting strength is a measurement of a sample’s resistance to rupturing and is a general indicator of the strength and toughness properties of paper.  Increased use of fillers decreases bursting strength, but basis weight, wet pressing, MD/CD ratio, refining, use of longer fibers and surface sizing increases a paper’s bursting strength.

Bursting strength is commonly seen in product specifications, on paper and boards used in packaging, such as linerboard and sack paper. 

Accurate and reliable moisture measurement

L&W Autoline Burst

L&W Autoline Burst measures bursting strength of paper and board from the upper or lower side of a sample. It is available in two different models depending on what sample that should be measured (P-model for paper, and B-model for board). 


  • Based on proven L&W Bursting Strength Tester 
  • Unique technology – automatic compensation for diaphragm’s own stiffness
  • Robust C-design to withstand strong forces (handle testing according to board standards)
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