myABB for L&W

Increase lab productivity and manage lifecycle proactively through a 360-degree, real-time view of all documents, cases, spare parts and more related to your ABB L&W products

Enhance productivity, reliability and durability of your L&W installed base with myABB for L&W. 

myABB for L&W is a web-based tool that helps you and your colleagues stay updated on critical information to improve both asset and operational performance of ABB's L&W product line. 

Available within your Pulp and Paper Care agreement, this self-service, purpose-built tool opens the door to your digital service journey by using data and technology to gain better understanding of how well your lab equipment is functioning.

With myABB for L&W you will always have the latest installed base of L&W products, documents, and support case information, accessible 24/7 via the database that provides customer-specific content not found anywhere else in the industry.


How it works

The myABB for L&W standard offering includes up-to-date customer installed base details and service agreements, as well as related documents after support or service events (i.e. service reports, calibration reports, backups of configuration files) and access to the Support Case Tracking System.

Additional options include historical support or service event documents, certificates and instrument cards, warranty status, up-to-date software and customer-specific manuals and instructions, and upcoming recommended service events. 


  • 24/7 access to ABB experts and information via self-service, web-based tool

  • Document curation and organization, including history of past records 

  • Support case tracking, creating and updates

  • Spare parts recommendations and gap analysis 

  • Customizable interface and notifications and alarms 

  • Integrated access to other applications for larger ABB installed base

  • Mill-to-enterprise view of instrumentation

  • Access to other applications for your larger ABB installed base such as My Control System, etc.


  • Single entry point for real-time 360-degree view of L&W installed base

  • Increased operational productivity and efficiency 

  • Minimized failure and risk of downtime

  • Enables long-term planning of maintenance 

  • Reduced lifecycle maintenance and maintenance costs

  • Enhanced self-service enablement and contact with ABB 


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Why choose myABB for L&W?

ABB is deeply committed to ensuring the highest accuracy, reliability and efficiency of our customers’ labs. Choosing ABB means you not only get automated testing systems and standalone testing devices from the industry leader, but you can now manage your installed base more easily to ensure the longest lifecycle and most efficient service management. Plus, pairing this with our L&W Lab Management System helps achieve the highest productivity by automating the capturing of your test results.


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