L&W Autoline Moisture | Automated water content measurement for paper and board

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Why measure moisture?

Many basic properties of paper are greatly affected by moisture content.

Just a 1% variation in paper/ board moisture content can change the compression strength by up to 8%, making it an important factor that must be taken into consideration.

Accurate and reliable moisture measurement

L&W Autoline Moisture

L&W Autoline Moisture measures the water content in paper and board using the well-proven microwave method with double-frequency resonance. 

Why automate moisture testing?

Within the L&W Autoline, the test only takes a few seconds, instead of the hours needed for the traditional gravimetrical test. Plus, in stand-alone lab paper testing, it’s common that testing is done without proper conditioning to expedite results. 

L&W Autoline Moisture measures the moisture content on a large and representative sample in just a few seconds. The measurement results are not affected by curled materials, uneven surfaces or multilayer structures.


  • Wide measuring range of moisture for all paper and board grades
  • Double frequency for precise measurements in all ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, illumination)
  • Same technology and design as used in on-line moisture measurement (QCS)
  • No moving parts
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