L&W PPS Tester

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L&W PPS Tester measures the surface roughness of coated and calendered printing and writing paper. The method is also used for measuring the surface roughness of newsprint. The instrument estimates the air leakage between the paper surface and a thin metal band under conditions that simulates the printing process. The result is a significant factor in determining the printability of paper and paperboard.
  • Ease of use:
    – Auto-start, a photocell detects the presence of a sample and automatically initiates a measurement sequence, thus allowing hands-free operation measurements
    – Auto-cycling function that permits continuous measurements
    – Large touch screen for good overview
    – Intuitve user interface
  • Traceable measuring results:
    – L&W PPS Master Kit included. Paper samples and backing traceable back to L&W PPS reference instrument
  • Accurate measurements:
    – Integrated check function for air pressures, three air flows and three clamping pressures for reliable readings
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