Elrepho is the paper industry’s own spectrophotometer. It measures colour, brightness, opacity and whiteness of paper, paperboard, tissue, pulp, coating inks and fillers. The visual appearance for a printed product is of crucial importance and is expensive to achieve. Elrepho automatically measures according to the conditions specified by the user, e.g. D65 illuminant, C illuminant, or a 420 nm cut-off filter.


  • Easy to operate:
    – Due to large measurement table for relaxed handling of test samples 
    – Automatic handling of backing and black cavity
    – Automatic lifting sample against sphere
    – Optimized measurement program for routine testing
  • Follow the accepted paper testing standard for the paper industry:
    – Complies with ISO 2469, diffuse illumination and 0 degrees observation
  • Easy to calibrate:
    – Measurement sequences with automatic UV settings
  • Measures all what you need:
    – Measures whiteness and brightness at D65 and C-illuminant and much more

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