L&W Autoline SCT | Automated compression strength measurement for liner and fluting

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Why measure compression strength?

Compressive strength determines the stacking ability of corrugated boxes. The aim is to produce  strong boxes and use a minimum of raw material, so accurate measurement is needed to optimize process and raw material usage.

High precision and reproducibility

L&W Autoline SCT

L&W Autoline SCT automates the measurement of compressive strength of liner and fluting for fast and precise results. It is based on the short-span compression test (SCT) method—first developed by the Swedish Pulp and Paper Institute (STFI) in collaboration with Lorentzen & Wettre.


  • Based on proven L&W Compressive Strength Tester STFI

  • Follows short-span compression test method, pioneered by STFI and L&W

  • Integrated sample preparation

  • Easily combined with L&W Autoline Moisture module for automatic compensation of conditioned samples

  • L&W Ultra Precision measuring unit ensures high accuracy and low maintenance

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