L&W Compressive Strength Tester STFI

Fast, easy compressive strength testing with quick sample preparation

L&W Compressive Strength Tester STFI leverages the Short-Span Compression Test (SCT) method to measure the compression strength of liner and fluting.

Compressive strength determines the stacking ability of corrugated boxes. The aim is to produce strong boxes, and at the same time use a minimum of raw material.

Ease of use

  • Auto-start, a photocell detects the presence of a sample and automatically initiates a measurement sequence, thus allowing hands-free operation measurements
  • Large touch screen with intuitive user interface to easily access control settings, checks and calibration as well as provide quick overview of results

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High precision and reproducibility

  • Improved measuring unit for better precision and reproducibility (L&W Ultra Precision) 
  • Moisture sensor for correction of the measurement values to give strength as for standardized moisture content (option)

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