L&W Autoline Bending | Automated bending resistance measurement for paperboard


Why measure bending resistance?

Bending resistance and stiffness affect the product performance in many converting operations. These properties are important for the handling and protection of packaging products. Because bending stiffness relates to the amount of costly raw material used, it’s an important measurement for cost optimization.

Reliable and repeatable measurements

L&W Autoline Bending

L&W Autoline Bending measures bending stiffness at a selected angle while also providing Taber stiffness calculation. The module is adaptable to meet various standards and can perform tests in upper or lower directions as needed.


  • Leverages industry standards according to the two-point method with circular bending motion
  • Individual MD and CD measurements
  • Sturdy C-frame construction with integrated check device 
  • Integrated, high-precision sample punch for 38 mm sample

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