L&W S-Tester

L&W S-Tester offers a better and easier method for strength classification of medium fluting, than the CMT measurement. The method will help paper producers to save time, improve quality and reduce costs.

The method is developed by a group of fluting producers (CCB-CEPI) and the main idea is to over come the tedious sample preparation needed in producing the test pieces and performing the CMT test in a crush tester . But also to introduce a more relevant test for describing the usability of fluting, as well as find a method that can be fully automated. L&W S-Tester measures the failure strength of a test piece loaded in compression when the initial span length is 4 mm and the offset is fixed to 1 mm. This will simulate the initial failure in a CMT test when the fluted test piece will leave the symmetrical sinusoidal shape..


  • Quicker and easier method (s-test) for strength classification of fluting medium (than standard CMT measurements)
  • No need of corrugating and taping of test pieces
  • Reports test results within some seconds
  • Designed and produced using long experience of manufacturing measuring units for L&W Compressive Strength Tester STFI
  • Ease of use:
    – Auto-start, a photocell detects the presence of a sample and automatically initiates a measurement sequence, thus allowing hands-free operation measurements
    – Large touch screen for good overview
    – Intuitive user interface

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