L&W Autoline TSO| Automated tensile stiffness measurement for paper and board

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Why measure tensile stiffness?

Measuring Tensile Stiffness Index (TSI) and the Tensile Stiffness Orientation (TSO) properties helps predict the performance of paper. It is also an ideal tool for process optimization, as it allows mills to take early action in the headbox, press and dryer sections as well as to reduce raw material usage.

A TSI/TSO-optimized paper machine makes it easier to achieve specifications for compressive, tensile, and bursting strength.

The recognized tool for process optimization

L&W Autoline TSO

L&W Autoline TSO uses ultrasonic techniques to measure TSI and TSO.  Ultrasonic measurement is non-destructive and an easy method to evaluate a paper’s elastic properties and orientation. The results can be used to predict the performance of paper, and when manufacturing corrugated board.

Measurements from L&W Autoline TSO can also be used for predictions of the runnability of a paper in applications like sheeting, copying, and printing operations.


  • Based on the proven L&W TSO Tester
  • Non-destructive test method
  • TSO profiles
  • TSIMD/CD profiles
  • TSIAREA profiles
  • TSIMD profiles
  • TSICD profiles
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