L&W Autoline PPS Roughness | Automated surface roughness measurement for smooth paper and board

Why measure roughness?

Surface roughness is an important parameter in paper manufacturing as it determines how ink will settle on to, and appear on, the finished product, helping determine the printability of paper and paperboard.

Accurate, reproducible measurements for consistent printability prediction

L&W Autoline PPS Roughness

ABB’s L&W Autoline PPS Roughness uses Parker Print Surf, more commonly referred to as the PPS method, to measure surface roughness to determine printability on smooth paper and board grades. Fast and detailed PPS tests can contribute to, maintain and even improve surface roughness, which improves print quality on magazines and boxes. It also measures compressibility of paper or board. Compressibility is defined as the reduction in surface roughness when measuring at lower and then higher contact pressures.


  • Measures roughness and compressibility
  • Uses industry standard PPS method
  • Enables detailed CD information
  • Quick check function with integrated calibration nozzle

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