L&W Autoline Elrepho | Automated brightness, opacity and color measurement for paper and board

Why measure color?

The visual appearance for a printed product is crucial and can be expensive to achieve. Increasing quality demands on appearance also increase the need of more frequent and accurate testing of brightness, whiteness, color and opacity. 

Accurate and reliable measurement

L&W Autoline Elrepho

Based on the same technology that made L&W Elrepho the market leader of paper optics laboratory testing for the past 40 years, L&W Autoline Elrepho automates the measurement of brightness, opacity and color of paper samples using a diffuse illuminant and a zero degree observation angle.

The module has an easily accessible backing changer with six sample slots for paper pad backing or calibration tiles to automatically adapt to different grades. The black cavity, or light trap,  is controlled automatically during opacity measurements, as well as during calibration. 


  • Wide measuring range of color for all paper and board grades 
  • Automatic turn table carousel for correct opaque background 
  • Complies with ISO 2469, diffuse illumination and 0 (zero) degrees observation
  • Automatic filter settings for different test conditions 

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