L&W Tensile Tester

L&W Tensile Tester measures all important tensile properties. It is sensitive with precision to measure on tissue and strong enough to measure on packaging board.


  • Ease of use:
    – Auto-start, a photocell detects the presence of a sample and automatically initiates a measurement sequence
    – Large touch screen for good overview
    – Intuitve user interface
  • Comfortable testing:
    – The horizontal design creates a ergonomic way to do tensile testing
    – The large table area in front of the clamps makes it easy to handle the test pieces
  • High repeatability:
    – Superior clamp design
    Automatic compensation if the test-piece is not stretched at the beginning of the measurement
  • Can do automatic wetting measurements:
    – Wetting device (optional): Fully automated testing sequence, including test-piece wetting
    – Wetting device (optional): Automatic filling and regulation of the water soaking vessel
  • Predict web breaks:
    – Fracture toughness evaluation and integrated notch -punch (optional)

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