ABB L&W Autoline S-test | Automated compression strength measurement for fluting


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Why measure compression strength?

Medium fluting has a very important role in the corrugated board construction, which combines high thickness with low grammage. Keeping thickness high and grammage low produces strong boxes at optimal cost. If the medium fluting can take Z-direction loads, the liners are kept apart, which means that box strength is maintained.

Developed together with fluting producers for easier testing

L&W AutolineS-test

L&W Autoline S-test automates the measurement of compression strength of fluting with a faster and less complex method to provide precise results.

ABB’s L&W Autoline S-test module offers a better and easier method for strength classification of medium fluting than the traditionally used CMT measurement. The method was developed together with a group of fluting producers (CCB-CEPI) as a way to overcome the tedious sample preparation needed to produce the test pieces and perform the CMT test in a crush tester.  


  • Fully automated compression test follows S-test method, pioneered by ABB
  • Quickly determines CMT first plateau for box performance
  •  Sturdy C-frame design ensures stability and 


  • Easier test method with faster test results
  • Removes need for time-consuming sample conditioning 
  • Repeatable, automated test reduces risk from manual error
  • Analysis of MD and CD profiles
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