L&W Autoline Emveco Roughness | Automated surface topography measurement for linerboard


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Why measure surface topography?

A smooth surface is needed for good print results and color reproduction. The property evaluated is called microdeviation – a measure of the topography of the board surface. 

The requirement for the surface roughness differs depending on the print method used on the end product. Surface roughness also affects the results of surface treatments, such as lamination. 

Reduce rejects and ink consumption

L&W Autoline Emveco Roughness

L&W Autoline Emveco Roughness measures surface topography of linerboard by using a stylus to trace the surface. This evaluates the microdeviation of the product, and helps detect, evaluate and analyze surface characteristics that affect printing quality.

Lower microdeviation equals better printability 

Determining the microdeviation can help reduce rejects due to printability issues. High values of microdeviation indicate that the sample has steep vertical changes and that it will not print well, since the ink will have trouble reaching the actual surface of the paper. Hence, the lower the value of microdeviation, the smoother surface and the better it will print. 


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