L&W Autoline Tensile | Automated tensile stretch and strength measurement for paper and board

Why measure tensile properties?

Tensile strength can be used as an indication of the potential resistance to web breaking of papers such as paper during printing on a web-fed press or other web-fed converting operations.

Stretch is indicative of the ability of paper to conform to a desired contour, or to survive non-uniform tensile stress. It should be considered important in all papers, but is of particular importance in papers where stress-strain properties are being modified or controlled.

Tensile energy absorption is a measure of the ability of a paper to absorb energy and indicates the durability of paper when subjected to either a repetitive or dynamic stressing or straining.

The tensile stiffness of a sheet often provides a better indication of the mechanical response of the sheet to converting forces than failure criteria does. High tensile stiffness is important for high bending stiffness, which ensures strong walls of the finished corrugated board box.

Reliable and reproducible measurement

L&W Autoline Tensile

L&W Autoline Tensile measures the tensile strength, tensile stretch, tensile energy absorption, and tensile stiffness of paper or board.

The module performs two tensile tests simultaneously (in MD and in CD). Compared to manual tensile testing, this measurement is much quicker, as the tensile strip cutting is performed automatically and correctly without misalignment. 


  • Wide-range, high precision load cell
  • Simultaneous MD and CD measurement

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