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L&W Micrometer

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L&W Micrometer gives precise and exact thickness measurements of paper, board, corrugated board and tissue. It is used for controlling manufacturing parameters to produce a superior quality product. The thickness (caliper) is an important characteristic that affect bending stiffness. Controlling thickness uniformity means producing printing paper that performs well in the printing press.
  • Ease of use
    – Large touch screen for good overview
    – Intuitve user interface
    – Specific measurement applications can easily be pre-programmed
  • High  precision and reproducibility
    – Consistent result, due to high quality manufacturing standards (hardened and polished stainless steel)
  • Quick measurements:
    – Auto-cycling function that permits the continuous cycling of the upper pressure face to facilitate representative and continuous measurements
    – Adaptive lifting height optimizes the height adjustment of the upper pressure face to allow whole series to be measured as quickly as possible
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