L&W Autoline Tear | Automated tearing strength measurement for paper and packaging


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Why measure tearing strength?

Tearing strength is an important parameter for predicting web breaks for many grades. Tearing resistance is particularly important for sack paper where the needle holes can be a source of an initial cut.

Good tearing resistance is needed in almost every packaging or graphical application, including tear strips that open packages, hanging displaces for blister packages, book covers, brochures etc.

De facto tear strength measurement pioneered by Lorentzen & Wettre

L&W Autoline Tear

L&W Autoline Tear measures the tearing strength of paper in the machine and the cross directions. This simultaneous measurement enables fast, detailed feedback to production.

The Autoline Tear method was developed in 1995 by Lorentzen & Wettre, and has become the de facto standard (ISO 18 522) for automated tear strength testing. The values obtained can also be recalculated to Elmendorf-method values by a formula available in the system software.


  • Wide-range, high precision load cell covers all grades
  • Uses de facto method first developed by Lorentzen & Wettre
  • Simultaneous MD and CD measurement
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