Predictive Maintenance for paper machine control system, drive system and winder

Collaborative services for remote assistance, troubleshooting, case-by-case or periodical checks, changes, back-up, tuning, software upgrades, winder acceleration optimization, continuous calculation for paper machine drives and winder

With Predictive Maintenance customers have access to data starting from the device level going all the way up to the enterprise level. ABB experts monitor this data remotely at Collaborative Operations Centers and connect with customers in real time to quickly identify and resolve issues. Increased visibility into processes at all levels enables management to replicate optimizations strategies for other sites, as well as throughout the enterprise.

The Collaborative Operations services follow a proven three-step methodology to establish a baseline and assess potential improvement areas, implement improvement actions and then establish a continuous improvement process through periodic analysis of performance.

Enterprise view

Winder overview

Asset Health Display




  • Remote condition monitoring of
    Key Performance Indicators
  • Reduced production interruptions through identifying and addressing issues before they happen

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