Winder Performance Optimization

Improve production capacity at winder by up to 8%

As mills consider how to extend asset life, convert to different paper grades and/or increase machine speed to stay competitive, existing winders may not be configured to meet mill demands.

Winder Performance Optimization
 is an ABB Ability™ powered digital solution that maximizes winder capacity to improve productivity and avoid quality losses.

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How it works

By first identifying sub-optimal performance for numerous key performance indicators (KPIs), recommendations to tune the winder are implemented in collaboration with ABB.

Data analytics then focuses on productivity by dynamically adjusting the ramp rate to meet capacity.  Our patented approach includes calculations that enable the winder to continuously adjust speed – improving productivity by 3-8%.

Real-time data trends and optimization opportunities are available both locally and remotely through ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations.  

Applicable for

  • Twin Drum and Center Winders
  • ABB PMC800 Drive Control


  • Advanced monitoring and daily analysis for production capability, roll set performance, and efficiency KPIs by ABB experts
  • Edge analytics for speed, tension and load share
  • Local and remote dashboards for web break trends
  • Configurable alerts when KPIs are outside site-specific thresholds


  • Reduces quality losses
  • Lowers maintenance and energy costs
  • Avoidance of steep CAPEX investment for new equipment
  • Allows use of winder for wider scale of grades 

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