Paper Machine Drives Performance

An ABB Ability™ service that provides millisecond monitoring with continuous analytics to create predictive alerts on paper machine runnability and drive system control performance for a precise understanding of drives’ health and culpability.

Drives keep the production process moving, which means smooth drives operation is critical for process availability, process speed (or performance), and even quality.

Drives downtime means a complete production halt, which greatly impacts a mill’s return on capital employed (ROCE). Services that identify potential drives problems before they occur will ensure drives stability, improve process performance and increase a mill's ROCE.

We know pulp and paper manufacturing processes and we know drives. By combining these strengths with data analytics and control expertise and a digital twin of your system, we are able to offer accurate, real-time information on drive events, and provide expert analyses and support. All of this ensures that your equipment is well-maintained and reliable while increasing availability, quality and throughput.

Leverage predictive maintenance strategies and optimize control performance

Paper Machine Drives Performance captures and continuously updates performance indices to provide maintenance and production teams with up-to-date drive performance status, advanced warnings on potential failures and predictive root cause insights.

In addition to continuous data collection and online monitoring of web tension, speed control, draw and load sharing, Paper Machine Drives Performance creates a digital twin of your system drive controls to model and evaluate the control performance.

ABB's approach to paper machine drives monitoring

This Performance Service for paper mills is accessed through the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for pulp & paper service delivery platform. Data is visualized through a web-based user interface that is easily accessible by customer and ABB personnel.

Once installed, we follow ABB’s proven three-step diagnose, implement, sustain service methodology. Remote experts with domain knowledge in pulp and paper manufacturing analyze drive performance data to identify, classify and prioritize improvement opportunities and help sustain performance.

When you have the facts, you can make the right decisions.

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  • Continuous online analysis 
  • Part of a comprehensive and integrated solution set, enabling optimization opportunities on a larger scale
  • Expansive service organization supported by collaborative operations
  • Modular Ability architecture enables low barrier entry and easy, cost-effective expansion for other digital solutions
  • Built on domain, technical, data analytics, drives and control expertise leveraged

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