Digital transformation in the pulp and paper industry

Our digital experts know what it takes to make quality paper. That’s because their expertise is grounded in the day-to-day realities of the mill.

We combine first-hand experience with tailored, co-created, inter-connected digital solutions to solve tough problems and deliver real value.

Whatever stage you’re at with Industry 4.0, we’ll get you where you want to be. After all, the mill floor is like a second home to us.

Our insights

Think big

We help you envision the future of the paper industry. Empower your people. Inspire change in the way you work, ensure quality, efficient production and optimal cost-to-produce.

  • Disrupt longstanding asset management and operational practices

  • Create new products, stronger customer experiences and a tighter supply chain integration

  • Achieve carbon reduction goals

Get practical

No company can realize the autonomous and carbon-free vision alone. Whatever your goals and priorities for Industry 4.0 and beyond, it’s easy to get started with any of our co-creation modules and achieve your strategic targets faster.

A playbook for industrial digitalization at scale

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Why choose ABB as your digital transformation partner?

Pulp and paper domain expertise
As a pioneer of quality control systems' scanning technology, ABB and its heritage companies have been providing data analytics to papermakers since the 1950s, showing detailed product quality in real time. Our combined measurement, control and visibility technologies have influenced ABB’s data analytics developments for all industries to identify, categorize and prioritize actions that improve productivity. We understand your processes and what could benefit them. 

OperationsInformation, and Engineering Technology integration
We can achieve OT-IT-ET integration with vendor agnostic legacy systems. We are leaders in the IoT space with 70 million digitally enabled devices, 70,000 digital control systems, and 6,000 enterprise-level software solutions across multiple industries.

Scalability partner
We have a global presence and the ability to scale digital solutions across multiple sites. We not only sense and analyze data, but also close the loop by acting on insights in the physical world for real value.

Open platform
Our industrial internet and cloud infrastructure is scalable from plant to enterprise and supports a variety of deployments including cloud, hybrid and on-premise. ABB Ability™ platform leverages Microsoft Azure for integrated cloud connectivity and services through ABB’s strategic partnership with Microsoft. We have 20 Remote Collaborative Centers with 24/7 expert troubleshooting and modern tech such as AR.

You own your data. We ensure defence-in-depth cyber security, data protection, reliability, privacy and intellectual property. Moreover, we remain transparent about the data we collect, what we do with it, and do not disclose any without your consent.

Partner ecosystem
We increase value through a wide network of other ecosystem players.

The transformation journey can be complex. Each customer has his or her own unique challenges. That’s why we work with you every step of the way to achieve your business goals.

Digital transformation partnerships in action

Digitally advanced mills
Know more, do more, do better, together
Expertise at each stage of mill's lifecycle
Integrated operation with single control room
For the first time ever an integrated automation solution will manage end-to-end production in the pulp industry — from the woodyard to shipment.

Unparalleled connectivity for full plant overview and advanced process controls
Operators get decision-making support in real time for optimal operation of the mill, at the same time as ongoing control and history are displayed. Operators can control the system against key ratios, such as reducing operating costs while keeping processes within emissions restrictions.

Simulator for testing, training and optimization
Functions for advanced process control implemented for all the process segments are integrated in the operator environment. Five simulators used at the same time before and during start up.

Complete mill automation
Pulp mill capitalizes on the depth and value of ABB’s offerings connecting Distributed Control System, Quality Control System, process instrumentation, drives, motors and process electrification solutions

Advanced process controls
Advanced process controls use data already gathered and available in a pulp mill’s automation system for process performance and loop stability and to optimize costs

Data analytics and remote expert insights
ABB's Collaborative Operations Centers positively impact daily mill operations and its productivity by identifying and addressing production, quality and cost issues

In a world disrupted by digital technologies, successful pulp and paper companies set the vision for the future and empower their employees. They combine operational excellence and innovation to quickly respond to, and make the most of, the changes. Together with our customers and partners like Microsoft, IBM and others, we apply proven solutions and constantly create new ones - to bring real improvements to people, help them develop new skills and discover better operational modes.
Know more

Utilize data through sensors, devices and software to know more about your business in real-time

Do more

Monitor, control and manage your devices, processes and operations on-site or remotely

Do better

Simulate, predict and optimize through tools, insights and analysis


Work hand-in-hand with our experts anywhere around the globe to transform your business

We have prioritized R&D spending on digital technologies to help our customers successfully navigate this new age. Our team provides integrated products, services and solutions, data connectivity and visualizations. We help turn data into action to optimize power and productivity, performance, efficiency and quality throughout the operations lifecycle of your paper-making business. The result is - increased availability and lower lifetime investment costs.
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