The future of the paper industry

What technologies are writing the future of the pulp and paper industry?

A connected, digital papermaker environment will soon be a necessity to stay competitive.  Explore our vision for the pulp and paper mill of the future, where every operational detail is linked, and new levels of profitability can be achieved.

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Paper industry statistics

It’s estimated that digitalization could save the pulp and paper industry $20 billion by 2025, raising productivity, reducing waste, and keeping mills safe.

The modern pulp and paper mill transformation

At the heart of the pulp and paper industry transformation is the never-before available levels of process intelligence. With smarter and faster problem resolution, mills can improve safety, productivity, and efficiency.

The future, however, will not only be shaped by the digitalization, but also by visionaries, engineers and papermaking experts continuing to push for innovation. As partners, we can make realities out of ideas and co-develop the modern mill.

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Technologies enabling the digital future of papermaking

Mills are entering a new era of connectivity. Problems can be solved as soon as they arise, optimizing production levels and reducing costs. Welcome to the ABB digital mill.

Enterprise-level collaboration

With every mill’s operational details connected, trends and best practices emerge, creating effective company-wide alignment and collaboration.

Fleet adviser

Employ enterprise-level decision making based on how specific mills are performing with the company’s overall goals in mind.

Anytime, anywhere monitoring and automated analysis

A real-time window into the process performance, coupled with automated analysis and machine learning and intelligence, enables faster problem solving. This helps avoid production and quality losses, while maximizing energy efficiency.



Remote problem resolution

Swift response to resolve issues remotely means a lower cost per ton, consistent quality, and higher process availability.

Mobile-enabled operators

Augmented reality and holography can help on-site operators resolve issues quicker; connect to experts and work virtually ‘side-by-side’ to fix issues.


Intelligent scenario forecasting

Ensure production assets across the enterprise are utilized in the most effective way, with the most favorable cost factors.



Centralized decision making and contingency planning

By remotely collaborating across mills with an enterprise view, you can compare alternative scenarios instantly. Critical savings can be identified, enabling the most effective and efficient solutions.

Resolution verification

Advanced visualization and resolution verification techniques available on the digital twin enables faster and more accurate corrections on the real process, without the risk of unplanned downtime.

Top talent recruitment

The ability to manage assets and resolve issues remotely helps attract top talent in key markets.

Examples of making mill operations future-proof

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