Paper winding science got smarter, providing up to 8% more capacity

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ABB Winder Performance Optimization helps customers improve winder operations by extending the life of their winder and optimizing its performance

Changes in paper demands

As technology and digitalization drive both people and businesses toward paperless practices, demand for graphic paper has shifted dramatically. Plus, the convenience of shopping online has motivated consumers to choose eCommerce over traditional brick-and-mortar retail. While rising incomes and the willingness to pay for higher-quality products has reshaped the tissue industry. 

These new trends have led many mills to convert paper machines to handle different grades to address the rising demand for boxes and tissue.  

Optimizing the mill to meet new demands

What happens if you only optimize your paper machine? Your winder may not be configured to meet the new demands. 

Do you need a new winder? Not necessarily. Instead, what if you could extend the life of your winder? And align winder acceleration to the demands of the paper machine? 

ABB Winder Performance Optimization maximizes winder capacity, increasing uptime and avoiding quality losses. Our patented approach ensures your winder is running optimally while also improving production capacity by three to eight percent.  

So if you have a roll quality issue or have recently switched to a thicker grade that’s causing bottlenecks, or simply want to avoid investing in a new winder, let an industry leader in quality control, drives and motors do what we do best: help you increase production while saving you money.  

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