Starch preparation

Native starch conversion unit

Continuous size preparation with enzymatic conversion of native starches through jet cooking (process of subjecting starch slurries to direct steam injection to obtain a colloidal solution).

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Sizing (film press, size press) and coating colour preparation for papers and boards. Adapted to all starch types: potato, tapioca, wheat, maize, etc.


  • Optimal quality and cost price of converted starch
  • High production capacity: up to 7 t/h per line, with the possibility of several lines operating in parallel
  • Flexibility and throughput control by modulation of steam injection according to machine consumption
  • Stable and fully automated operation
  • Automatic continuous self-cleaning
  • Low operational costs

A continuous process including:

  • Receipt, storage, metering and handling of dry starch
  • Starch make-down
  • Enzymatic conversion by jet cooking at approx. 85°C followed by reaction (decreasing of the starch chain average length by the action of enzymes in a reactor)
  • Inhibition at approx. 125°C by jet cooking and retention in a downstream coil
  • Dilution at approx. 75-95°C (pressure and temperature letdown through a flash tank)
  • Storage of cooked starch
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