Wet End Control

An ABB Ability™ Advanced Process Control solution that stabilizes paper machine operations by dynamically adjusting to process changes to reduce variability issues and improve machine runnability.

It only takes a small disturbance to destabilize the process, resulting in product quality issues and high raw material usage that diminish the profit potential.

Wet End Control is an ABB Ability™ Advanced  Process Control (APC) for paper mills solution that improves wet end stability, helping to reduce product variability, chemical usage and sheet breaks while improving machine runnability. To achieve this, Wet End Control uses dynamic models that automatically adjust to process changes and optimally coordinate chemical dosages in presence of destabilizing back-end process changes.

Available as a subscription-based service, mills can further benefit from continuous monitoring and further control tuning for sustainable results.

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ABB's approach to wet end control

First, a process analysis benchmarks your process performance, identifies the current operating protocols, and investigates the availability and reliability of measurements. Then an ABB expert performs bump tests on the process to identify models from the mill data, which captures the intricate relations between the various process parameters. These use model predictive control to automatically adjust to process changes and optimally coordinate chemical usage in presence of broke changes. Continuous or periodic monitoring drives continued improvement actions.

Sustaining results
Implementing Wet End Control as a subscription- based service delivered via ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for pulp & paper  enables structured monitoring and analysis of control performance for sustainable results. Customers benefit from ongoing insight and collaboration on how to further optimize wet end stability for long-term improvement.

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Why ABB?
  • Automatic adjustments based on process changes
  • Higher-order model support: Captures process dynamics accurately
  • Automatic target management: Finds and implements cost efficiencies within process constraints
  • Deep pulp and paper, digital and automation expertise 

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