GT Caliper sensor

GT Caliper features advanced patented Gliding Technology. This technology is the result of extensive research and development of materials which provide low density, extreme durability and an aerodynamic design with dirtrepelling qualities. 

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The sensor features unique sensing planes that smoothly glide across the paper web for superior measurement and non-marking performance. GT Caliper is the most responsive, accurate and reliable sensor in the industry. It combines high signal-to-noise ratios, sub-millisecond response time and high resolution for a better-than-laboratory accuracy.

To accommodate today’s advanced spectral analysis, GT Caliper provides users with a combination of response and resolution that is a ratio of 100:1 better than conventional equipment. When utilized in combination with commercially available machine health monitoring and process diagnostics packages, it provides unmatched diagnosis and optimization of calendar operations. The sensor works with CD Caliper Controls and the ABB Induction xP Calender Profiler or other caliper actuators, to automatically correct profile deviations. Improved runnability, fewer sheet breaks and reduced off-spec paper are the bottom-line results of accurate measurement and precise control.

GT Caliper operates with the ABB Quality Control System for a complete, integrated solution. In addition, it can integrate with a mill’s existing supervisory and distributed control. This integrated and open approach demonstrates ABB’s commitment to helping you optimize your process while maximizing your return on capital investments.


  • Self-calibrating and self-testing electronics ensure continued sensor accuracy and stability
  • Automatic internal verification checks and permanent reference samples ensure measurement integrity and promote operator confidence
  • Factory calibration ensures single, linear measurement range for long-term accuracy and calibration transfer
  • Unique air plenum technology eliminates dust on the sensing planes
  • The sensor health reporting package minimizes diagnostic time and lifecycle costs
  • Meets international quality standards to ensure long-term performance and customer satisfaction
  • Supported by ABB’s worldwide network of service professionals
  • Compact, fail-safe retraction system (patented) for positive and reliable actuation providing extra security
  • Modular, plug-in sensor unit for fast, convenient system expansion, installation and maintenance
  • Robust components in an environmentally sealed and pressurized enclosure for reliable, long-term performance even in harsh environments
  • Universal ABB Sensor components and interchangeable subassemblies reduce lifecycle costs
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