Optical Caliper

Precision needed to measure and control caliper even on the most demanding paper grades

Accurate caliper measurement and control are critical for defining paper quality and achieving customer satisfaction. Traditionally this has been achieved through the use of dual-sided contacting caliper sensors, but some paper applications pose severe challenges for contacting caliper measurement technology.

For this reason, paper makers have been asking for a new type of caliper measurement, which overcomes the weaknesses associated with contacting caliper.

ABB proudly offers its ground-breaking new Optical Caliper sensor, which is testament to ABB's 50-year history of pioneering online paper quality measurement. After analyzing the current industry methods for non-invasive measurement of caliper, ABB brings a new optical method to measure caliper with unrivaled measurement accuracy.


  • Exceptionally small measurement spot (12 µm diameter) – always in focus despite distance variations
  • Common light path for source and detector is less influenced by external geometry
  • Insensitive to sheet color, brightness, opacity, and density


  • Provides accurate caliper measurement on the full spectrum of paper and board grades
  • Eliminates measurement errors resulting from light penetration into the sheet body

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