Spares and consumables

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Our offering

Spare parts and kits
Parts fingerprint
Parts and inventory management

A complete offering for spare parts and rapid, efficient repairs

Our parts services help you increase productivity and reduce parts costs. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, ABB experts ensure parts transfer and repair to meet your needs.

  • Fast parts availability
  • Eliminate up-front capital expenditures
  • Reduce spares inventory requirement
  • Decrease long-term ownership cost

Parts Fingerprint

Reviews effectiveness of parts management and identifies cost saving opportunities and potential risk associated with insufficient stock, over stock, out-of-date inventory, and end-of-lifecycle issues. Includes:

  • Spare parts inventory
  • Stock condition analysis
  • Part status, stocking levels, version management, warranty management
  • Parts criticality and historical parts usage reports

We design parts solutions to meet your financial requirements

  • Spare parts management
  • Parts programs
  • Parts stock level evaluation and recommendation
  • Emergency spare parts delivery
  • Parts testing, repair & refurbishment
  • Parts stock replenishment
  • Parts exchange
  • Online parts ordering and repair management

Parts programs include:
  • Parts Fingerprint
  • Pre-owned Parts
  • Custom solutions
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