ABB Ability™ AR Guided Support for pulp and paper (Preview)

Preview application to demonstrate the value of augmented reality for service procedures related to ABB equipment used in the pulp and paper industry.

As a digital leader, ABB is continuously delivering new and innovative solutions that enable pulp and paper customers to enhance their productivity. We believe in the potential of AR as a self-service tool to simplify maintenance and improve our customers efficiency.  The augmented reality guided support preview app enables users to experience how repairs, maintenance and training will be done in the near future.

The future of self-service, powered by augmented reality

AR simplifies complex maintenance procedures into easy-to-understand visual guides. Once you download the preview app, you will access the interactive guided procedures by scanning a 7cm x 5cm (2.75” x 1.97”) physical marker, which is placed on the scanner or a flat horizontal surface. This will also set the AR model position and 3D workspace within the active environment.  

This app contains two sets of procedures for the NP800 scanner:

  1. NP800 overlaid model procedures are intended for use with a physical NP800 scanner. It produces a full-size 3D AR model that will be overlaid on the physical scanner with step-by-step guidance on a procedure.
  2. NP800 table-top model procedures are for use without a physical NP800 scanner. Scanning the marker creates a 3D workspace and overlay of the AR model with the same step-by-step guidance.

The following sample NP800 scanner maintenance scenarios are available through this preview app:

  1. DC Power Supply Replacement
  2. Cable Carrier Replacement
  3. Position Encoder Replacement

ABB does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the procedures represented in this demonstration app and may make changes to its content at any time. 

Marker object for NP800 Scanner maintenance scenarios

To get started, download this marker object pdf and follow the below instructions:

  1. Print the pdf on a blank sheet of paper as described
  2. In the app, select the model you would like to test
  3. Place the marker in the specified location on the scanner (for overlaid model) or on on a flat surface (for the table-top model)
  4. Scan the marker object. The app will lock its content on to the marker object and bring you through the sample maintenance procedure.

We welcome your feedback

What kind of procedures would you like to see in the app for your future self-service needs?

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