Production management

Remove silos, reduce waste and maximize production by executing plans efficiently with Production Management module with ABB Ability Manufacturing Execution System for Pulp and Paper

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ABB’s Production Management, part of the ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for pulp and paper, is purpose-built for the pulp and paper industry to execute production plans, leveraging all data available to avoid under or over producing.


Benefits :

  • Superior mill-wide to shop floor visibility
  • Helps lower production input costs by ~2%
  • Easy spotting of inventory shortages or excesses, for both raw materials and finished goods, helping reduce inventory by ~10%
  • Improves customer satisfaction ~10-20% with on-time, on-spec and in-full deliveries
  • Improves manufacturing efficiency by 2-5%
  • Detects bottlenecks and production and quality issues and enables better root cause analysi
  • Improves personnel productivity

Features :

  • Execution, visibility and closed loop reporting of production plans for real-time adjustments and optimization over time
  • Complete customizable displays
  • Easy configurability to meet specific operational needs including tailored applications for paper, tissue, pulp, sheet, and converting production
  • Material traceability and product genealogy
  • Material consumption forecasts
  • Scalability of functions to meet mill needs
  • Works with most common third-party labeling software
  • Business intelligence and OEE data and integration
  • Integration with ABB Performance Services for diagnostics and analytics of process variability and sheet breaks

Standard reports including documents for the delivery note, packing list and more, which can be localized for customer needs.

Applications within Production Management

Provides material traceability and product genealogy, from creation and raw materials received to finished goods delivered.

Online product costing
Capability of calculating the cost of a product produced, from the jumbo roll to the order-item level.

Material management
Track and trace everything used to produce the finished goods.
Warehouse management
Easily determine which production units are in what storage location based on barcode/ID code tracking. 

ABB’s modular and flexible MES applications are designed specifically for the requirements of the pulp and paper process, allowing it to be efficiently adapted to different production environments and business rules. These modules work seamlessly together and can be further enhanced with other ABB Ability™ applications for pulp and paper to help you achieve new levels of operational efficiency.

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