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Production management

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Streamlines operations and provides for full product genealogy

Production management covers all operational functions that deal with the manufacturing of customer products in a paper mill. It can handle the most complex production process involving multiple mills and multistage product routes and uses optimized production schedules and real-time information to control and streamline the manufacturing process.

The solution provides full genealogy of both intermediate products and finished goods. It offers a complete history of the production including all production steps, re-classification actions and warehouse transfers.

Valuable benefits:

    • Executing production plans optimally – Production management executes production plans optimally avoiding under/overproduction and returning immediate feedback to production planning department.
    • Reducing working capital – Less raw material inventories, work in process (WIP) and finished goods inventories.
    • Improving cash-flow – Deliveries will be “on-time” and “full”.
    • Improving visibility – There is a full visibility to production and Production Management provides full and complete product genealogy.
    • More streamlined operations – Production management covers all common production functions in a paper mill. Configurable displays with predefined user defaults ensure that all relevant information is always near to hand.
    • Lifecycle cost savings – Production management is scalable from covering a simple production line to a very complicated set of production lines. A fully productized solution enables short implementation projects. Continuous version upgrades keeps the solution up to date over its entire lifecycle.

Production management covers
    • Order Processing
    • Production Planning
    • Jumbo Reel Tracking
    • Roll Production Tracking
    • Sheet Production Tracking
    • Pulp Production
    • Warehouse Operations
    • Delivery and Load Planning
    • Loading Operations
    • Material Management
    • Reporting
    • Traceability 
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