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Production planning

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Lowering production costs by optimizing machine capacity and minimizing trim losses

Production Planning is a software solution for rough planning, order scheduling and trimming. It provides valuable tools to decrease production costs through optimizing machine capacity and improving material efficiency.

Major benefits include:

    • Minimized grade change costs
    • Minimized trim losses
    • Minimized inventory
    • Less material in process
    • Increased customer satisfaction as ordered products and quantities are delivered in time

The scheduling functions assist the production planner in making effective scheduling decisions. Key features include:
    • PTP (Profitable-To-Promise) function for real time capacity and profitability checks.
    • Ability to simulate "what-if" changes in the production schedule.
    • Maintenance of default schedules, such as tonnage reserved by customer or market area.
    • Ability to specify schedule elements such as blocks, runs, and allocations as either fixed or variable in terms of tonnage.
    • Pre-optimization of production runs to obtain an estimate of the trim loss.
    • Visualization of production bottlenecks.
    • Scheduling of multiple production phases.
    • Schedule optimization for multi-machine scheduling.
    • Cost control and comparison of the schedule scenarios.

The integrated trimming function decreases production costs by minimizing the total trim loss created in the winding, rewinding and sheet cutting processes. It takes effectively advantage of order quantity tolerances in solving the trim scheduling problems of paper and board mills with roll, cut-sheet or mixed roll and cut-sheet production. 
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