Production planning

Optimize paper machine capacity, and time and resource utilization with the Production Planning module within ABB Ability Manufacturing Execution System for pulp and paper

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Planning production runs in a way that optimizes capacity and resources in an efficient manner can be a complex challenge. The Production Planning module within ABB Ability Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for pulp and paper solves this by simplifying optimal real-time planning and scheduling of production blocks, runs and orders.

Profitable-to-Promise reality check

A key feature of the production planning software is the ‘Profitable-to-Promise’ function that immediately checks real time machine availability, capacity and projected profitability of a potential order.


  • Scheduling and allocating of machine time for single/multiple machines/mills
  • Covers block/run, trim, and re-trimming
  • Accurate timing information with full reports for order backlog, late orders and more 
  • Dynamic visual user interface, with clear pulp balance curve graphs to find the best balance between production and consumption
  • Finishing machine optimizer helps allocate orders more efficiently based on changeover times, capacity, etc.
  • Alarms and missing materials list when there are not enough raw or packing materials available for the scheduled production


  • Easily and rapidly creates optimum production plans, with accurate timing and cost information
  • Ensures orders are produced and delivered on-time, for improved customer satisfaction
  • Minimizes grade change and trim waste costs
  • Reduces inventory to more manageable levels
  • Provides projected profitability of an order
  • Helps manage capacity as well as raw and packing materials
  • Reduces costs, complexity and headaches in production planning and scheduling

Applications within Production Planning

  • Rough planning
  • Fine planning and trimming
  • Winder trimming and re-trimming
  • Replenishing
  • Integrated pulp and paper planning
  • Tissue handling

ABB’s modular and flexible MES applications are designed specifically for the requirements of the pulp and paper process, allowing it to be efficiently adapted to different production environments and business rules. These modules work seamlessly together and can be further enhanced with other ABB Ability™ applications for pulp and paper to help you achieve new levels of operational efficiency.

What-If scenario analysis

What-If analysis scenarios allow users to view the impact of production planning and scheduling changes on production times, profitability and possible order delays.

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