Quality based re-trim optimization

Unique solution for reducing quality losses

Q-Trim is a software solution for quality based re-trimming. It improves productivity by maximizing the winder output and reduces customer return and rebate cost by ensuring that every produced roll complies with customer specific quality requirements.
Q-Trim uses the jumbo reel cut plan to apply quality data to individual roll positions before the jumbo reel is cut at the winder. It compares roll quality to set standards and pro-actively detects if any roll position does not fulfill the quality requirements.

The re-trimming function takes effectively advantage of customer specific quality requirements and presents a trimming solution that maximizes the value of the produced paper. This is done by swapping roll positions and excluding areas with quality problems.

The optimization is run in the background and the re-trim solution is available shortly after the jumbo reel is ready at the paper machine. The optimization considers all available quality information originating from the laboratory, Quality Control Systems (QCS) and Web Inspection System (WIS).

Key Benefits:

  • Improved productivity by significant reduction in quality loss
  • Reduced customer return and rebate costs
  • Better reliability towards end customers

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