Gearless mill drive training

ABB is number one in gearless mill drives (GMD) and combines its extensive industry knowledge with its application experience to select the most economical drive solution for your particular circumstances. The wrap around motor is designed with so-called Roebel bars for the stator winding, which have a positive impact on the efficiency. The mill itself is the rotor of the motor and it is a variable speed drive, bi-directional, positioning without additional motor, power from 5 to 36 MW, sensorless speed control and full torque through the whole speed rang. ABB’s design is furthermore based upon single rotor poles and each pole can be adjusted individually by the use of eccentric sleeves for the pole mounting bolts. With this unique concept wider tolerances for the mill flange can be accepted, while an almost perfect run out can be achieved hence less unequal magnetic pull.

The goal of our GMD courses is to provide participants with the required theoretical and practical knowledge about operation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of the GMD.

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