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Expert Workshops

Deep system knowledge for engineers: demos, hands-on exercises, information not only on control systems, but also covering design principles, best practices and methodology, in-depth system knowledge, troubleshooting.

Expert Workshops are targeted for engineers, who wish to develop a measurable level of competencies.

Prerequisites for participating in Expert Workshops:

  • Engineering or service experiences with control systems
  • Solid understanding of control systems and control application design
  • Basic System 800xA / Freelance knowledge as provided by the standard courses
Course Info              Course Description (PDF)    
     E111              System 800xA - Virtualization of Server Nodes using VMWare ESXi    
     E143              System 800xA - Troubleshooting Core System  
     E144              System 800xA - Performing a System Health Check
     E163              Cyber Security for System 800xA    


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