On-Site Training & Coaching Services

On-site training is available to be delivered at your plant or a nearby facility for groups of employees who need to be trained. Benefits include reduced travel and living expenses, elimination of time away from home, and tailored courses to help your employees most effectively complete their jobs on an ABB system. Our on-site training is led by our instructors and delivered with the same equipment, computers, and courseware that is delivered for in-center training. On-site training has been delivered for many customers at local hotels to help eliminate interruptions for students who are attending the class. Click here to learn more.

Coaching services brings a subject matter expert to your site to provide training on specific topics selcted by the customer. Coaching services do not include courseware or equipment, making this an affordable offering. Click here for more information.

ABB has personnel who are happy to discuss needs analysis in order to customize on-site classes to meet your needs. If you are interested in an all-inclusive proposal and scheduling an on-site training event at your plant or a facility near you, contact abbuniversity@us.abb.com.
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