Cyberex Branch Circuit Monitoring Highlights

  • Factory integrated as an optional feature to your PDU or RPP; the Circuit Management system can be used for communicating valuable information to your central management system or to a local or remote display panel
  • The Circuit Management system actively monitors the load current of each of your circuits and reports this information to you for cost allocation or load protection management
  • The Circuit Management system can be field maintained or upgraded to allow the addition or replacement of individual sensors. Others offer only a fixed component system carried on a PCB that must be abandoned within your panels and bypassed with an inelegant hardware configuration when upgraded or repaired
  • Field retrofittable to existing PDU/RPPs
  • Fits most panels: ABB, Square-D, GE, standard and column width


Breakthrough Technology

Innovation in design

  • Robust mounting of circuit sensors via wiring harness connection
  • Snap and screw-on circuit sensors with integral protection resistor
  • Fully enclosed electronics module

Best in class serviceability

  • Easily replace individual screw-on circuit sensors in the field, means only one circuit is effected, not the entire panel
  • Only power down individual branch, not entire panel
  • Minimize costs and downtime

Ease of configuration

  • User-friendly, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Flexible configuration – by individual circuit or entire panelboard

Advanced connectivity

  • Single system monitors up to 168 branch circuits – can be panelboards or a combination of panelboards and sub-feeds
  • Monitor up to 2,688 circuits with one local display 
  • Both 2 and 4 wire modbus compatible
  • Integrates with your building management system​​

Local Display

  • Available standard on PDU
  • Optional on RPP

System Features

  • Monitors panel branch circuit or sub-feed current
  • User configurable pre-alarm & alarm set points
  • Field replaceable individual current transformers
  • Electronics modules can be networked to monitor up to 2,688 circuits
  • Factory installed option or retrofit to PDU or RPP
  • Energy metering – including voltage sensing, KW and kVA (optional)

Web accessibility

Our optional web server provides you the ability to remotely access your circuit management data from any computer using an ordinary web browser and an Internet connection. The Circuit Management optional remote display device comes with web server capability. A single display and web server can collect data from thousands of branch circuits and sub feed circuits in interconnect RPPs and PDUs.

SNMP trap monitoring

The web server also broadcasts a SNMP trap to alert users of summary alarm conditions as they occur. This trap can be intercepted by your existing BMS system and annunciated along with all other facility-wide alarms and warnings.

Web server features

  • Provides instant snapshot of current or power levels on any circuit in your data center from a remote location.
  • Provides web page access to a maximum of 16 Cyberex circuit management devices interconnected via Modbus and/or Ethernet.
  • Allows up to 2,688 individual circuits to be monitored remotely on the web for current, voltage*, power*, energy*, alarm status and set-point configuration. (*requires energy option)
  • Provides SNMP summary alarm trap for use with the customer’s monitoring system.
  • When integrated with your building management system the circuit data can be used to create a load profile over timeto help you better plan capacity.
  • Secure, multi-level password-protected environment.

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