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Cyberex® Circuit Management
A flexible solution for data center power monitoring

Branch circuit management (BCM); Sub-feed circuit management (SFCM); Main feed circuit management (MFCM)

Managing individual circuit loading is critical to the reliability of your data center. The Circuit Management system provides accurate load management information and alerts you of potential problems before they affect your operation. User configurable set points allow you to know when each circuit is approaching a load threshold that could interrupt power to that device. This notification allows your staff to proactively maintain your critical operation.

Retrofit Solution

Cyberex also offers a complete circuit management retrofit solution available to any PDU, RPP, or other panelboard or sub-feed application. Our field service team can assess your facility’s exact needs and configure a solution that provides Circuit Management capability equal in performance to our factory integrated system without breakers requiring removal. Cyberex circuit management retrofit products were designed to offer a broad range of mounting options without the use of drilling or intrusions into your existing equipment. Split Core Current Transformers (CTs) are clamped onto existing pre-wired branch circuits without having to disconnect branch breakers.

A single circuit management module can be configured to gather current, voltage*, power* and energy* data in the following distribution devices:

  • Branch circuit management (BCM)
  • Up to four (4), 42 circuit panel boards (168 poles)
  • Sub-feed circuit management (SFCM) 
  • Up to thirty two (32), 3-wire or twenty four (24), 4-wire sub-feed breakers
  • Combination circuit management 
  • Panelboard branch breakers and sub feed breakers can be combined in a single configuration
  • Main feed circuit management (MFCM)
  • Up to four (4) sources in multi-fed RPPs can be monitored phases, neutral & ground

(*requires energy option)

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