Cyberex High Power Panel Highlights

  • Panelboard options: Up to 480V, Up to 400A, Up to 168 circuits – Panelboards by ABB, Cooper Bussmann and Square-D
  • Input connections: 1,000A input bus for 1 to 2 sources; 600A input bus for 1 to 4 sources
  • Top or bottom entry/exit
  • Multiple input capability and traditional configurations – Up to 4 sources, 4 panelboards, and 4 main circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit and sub-feed management (optional) provides enhanced power data collection for branch circuits and sub-feeds
  • Construction: welded frame, door-in-door hinged dead fronts
  • Compression lug ready and front access for distribution
  • Main-tie-main configuration
  • Integrated IR port solutions to identify potential system issues


Breakthrough Technology

Circuit Management

Rely on Cyberex’s circuit management solutions to monitor and alert your staff of potential problems before they occur.  Understanding load profiles is the key to proactively managing your data center distribution system and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

  • Branch circuit management – Up to four (4) 42 circuit panel boards (168 poles)
  • Sub-feed circuit management – Up to thirty two (32), 3-wire or twenty four (24), 4-wire sub feed breakers 
  • Main feed circuit management – Up to four (4) sources in multi-fed can be monitored: phases, neutral and ground

Optional Monitoring system parameters including:

Voltage-current (RMS), MIN Current, MAX Current, kW (power), kVA-load, Power Factor (PF), and Total harmonic distribution (THD) are just a few functions.

Optional Configuration system warnings and alarms including:

Over/under current, over/under voltage, over kW, over THD, low PF, and phase loss are just a few of the warnings and alarm functions.


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