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Cyberex® High Power Panel (HPP)
Power distribution module 

The HPP pays extensive dividends by increasing the energy efficiency of a facility’s data center. The Cyberex High Power Panel series with rack-depth form factor blends into your standard rack line-ups for end of row placement. It is offered in up to 480/277, 415/240 and 400/230 volt with 400 amp configurations to provide almost four times the power density than is possible with traditional low voltage feeders.

HPP series can have optional dual input breakers and a tie breaker to provide redundant feed in the event of loss of one source.  Synch check circuitry shall be provided to monitor both input sources simultaneously and electrically enable or inhibit the closure of the tie breaker between the sources. The source main breakers and tie breaker shall be available as 3 pole or 4 pole allowing the neutral to be switched.

The Cyberex HPP Series provides the flexibility to expand your data center distribution capabilities. Fed from your existing PDU, the HPP readily provides up to (4) source breakers and (4) 42 circuit output panelboards.  Either ABB or Square-D panelboards can be used for up to 168 circuits.  The ABB panelnboards provides IP Touchsafe rating and selective coordination of the HPP unit.  The unit has optional advanced monitoring of sources and branches that provides accurate system management information and alerts before they affect your operation.  

The HPP Series also uses Cooper Busmann Fuse panelboards which enables the end users change branch fuse ampacities without de-energizing main or distributing panel loads (max 100A).  This does require the system to first be installed with output wiring for the maximum expected circuit rating.  The HPP Series has selective coordination and is IP Rating of Finger Safe.    

The availability of integrated IR port solutions allow the identification of potential system issues with covers still installed.  There is extra space to accommodate optional monitoring and communications features.  

The Cyberex brand has been an industry leader in the design and development of mission critical systems that ensure uptime and business continuity for customers across the globe. We recognize that every customer has unique electrical requirements and we work closely with them to develop solutions that solve their most difficult challenges. If you have a unique project in mind, contact us so we can turn your design concepts into reality.


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