How a modular UPS increases availability

Add redundancy

The surest way to increase availability of power is to add redundancy to the UPS system and to minimize its maintenance and repair time. One major advantage of modularity is the ease with which redundancy can be accommodated. Usually, adding redundancy merely involves configuring one UPS module more than is necessary to cover the basic load. This is then switched in automatically when required.

Mimize chance for human error

ABB’s UPS modules can be online-swapped, ie, removed or inserted, without risk to the critical load and without the need to power down or transfer to the mains. This procedure is simple and quick to perform and introduces no risk for system operation. Each module can be individually switched off before removing it from the system. This makes the service safe for the technician and ensures absolutely no disturbance to the system. As the same modular UPS can be used across different applications and load segments, the service technicians do not need to be educated on several different platforms, but can apply the same practices and procedures on all UPS equipment.

Select high-quality, reliable equipment

In ABB DPA UPSs, the incoming AC is first converted to DC. The output AC is then synthesized from this DC – giving a clean sinusoid. These two conversion steps give the term “double conversion” and isolate the output voltage waveform from any disturbances on the input AC side.
With over 20 years experience in modular UPS, ABB’s Swiss-made DPA delivers unrivaled UPS availability and the serviceability, scalability, flexibility and low energy usage made possible by the modular DPA approach deliver a very attractive TCO. There are no better UPS architectures available to those users whose critical electrical loads represent a valuable commercial asset that must be kept powered at all costs.

Minimize downtime

Because the UPS modules in a DPA are independent, they can be online-swapped without risk to the critical load and without the need to power down or transfer to raw mains supply. So engineers can work on the UPS without interrupting operations. Swap-out time is only 15–20 minutes and is very safe and you never have to switch off your load.
Online-swappable modules directly address availability requirements, significantly reduce MTTR, reduce inventory levels of specialist spare parts and simplify system upgrades.

Standardize service concept

DPA modules are standardized. This keeps costs low:
A straightforward, standardized modular concept simplifies and speeds every step of the deployment process – from planning, through installation and commissioning to final use. High-quality standardized products significantly reduce intervention time during maintenance or in the event of failure – components can be changed quickly and easily and service is simplified.
The better quality that results from the mass production and testing of standardized modules has a direct positive impact on reliability and, thus availability: modular systems with standardized connections can be pre-wired and fieldconfigured at the factory, allowing for more thorough testing, and standardized connections and front access reduce the risk of bad connections in the field.

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