ABB's modular UPS systems

ABB manufactures UPS systems employing a variety of technologies

The number of critical applications that simply cannot be allowed to go offline grows daily. These applications must be guaranteed a constant supply of good-quality power. For customers who need full availability and a fuss-free operation, ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of power protection solutions from traditional design to our leading range of modular products.

The portfolio consists of single-phase and three-phase UPS systems, Industrial UPS as well as Medium voltage UPS.

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For UPS applications in ​data centers, in industries like semiconductors or food and beverage we can help you when it comes to power protection. Do not hesistate to contact us.

Our UPS systems offerings, our technologies

1-80kVA - Input 110V-276V
Single-Phase UPS systems for IT rooms and other critical processes

Simple and cost-effective to install, maintain and expand, delivering reliable power, low running costs, long life, easy maintenance and full flexibility for the user.

10kVA-5MVA - Input 380V-415V
Three-Phase UPS systems for small to large critical applications

All our UPSs provide online double conversion topology and are designed for continuous power protection of critical equipment against all power problems: power failure, power sag, power surge, undervoltage, overvoltage, switching transient, line noise, frequency variation and harmonic distortion.

150kVA-3MVA - Input 220V-480V
Industrial UPS PCS100 UPS-I designed for industrial applications

A high performance, high efficiency UPS system that ensures protection from power quality events, enabling continuous power supply to modern industrial processes. It is designed for industrial applications (tooling, machinery, robotics, drives and motors), and provides a seamless power supply, eliminating downtime.

2MVA-6MVA - Input 3.3kV-6.6kV
Big data equals big power, why Medium voltage UPS?

Designed for large manufacturing plants through to mega data centers, the PCS100 medium voltage UPS is the solution for any high powered industry.
With its inverter modularity it gives extremely high levels of availability through inverter redundancy.

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