Cyberex SuperSwitch3 Digital Static Switch Highlights

  • Fault-tolerate architecture eliminates single point of failure
  • Patented SuperSwitch algorithm delivers unmatched transfer characteristics
  • Dynamic Inrush Restraint (DIR) protects system by minimizing downstream magnetizing currents
  • Waveform Capture that provides extremely high level of detail for both transfer and non-transfer events
  • Fully-rated, hockey puck style SCRs for increased reliability and high amp operations
  • Software-guided breaker operation eliminates human error
  • Graphical user-interface and mimic panel for local system monitoring, configuration, and redundancy
  • Remote access capability for system, event and alarm monitoring
  • Ultra-dense footprint reduces demand on valuable data center real estate (30% smaller than other industry models)
  • Unique modular design reduces open-door time to 15 minutes for standard servicing
  • Advanced communications allow access at any time from any location
  • Molded Case plug-in style switches for maximum interruption and elimination of nuisance trips
  • Reduced number of internal components and numerous built-in redundancies maximizes reliability 


Breakthrough Technology

Main logic board

Integral design provides advanced diagnostics and management of three-tiered power quality. Separate boards are used for each source, while independent drive circuits, with high fault isolation, are used for each phase. Fiber optic communications between the Gate Drive Board improves noise immunity and fault isolation.

Software-guided Breaker Operation and Bypass

Easy to follow command and indicator lights eliminate the causes of human error.

Waveform capture

SuperSwitch3 is available with waveform capture. The Cyberex waveform capture feature uses digital signal processors and high speed analog to digital converters to simultaneously sample both source voltages and currents. The waveform data is collected in 0.1 millisecond intervals as 12 bit samples to provide an extremely high level of detail.

The SuperSwitch3 is capable of storing 25 waveform capture events for both transfer and non-transfer events. Each measurement contains a total of 6 cycles; 3 cycles prior to the event and 3 cycles after the event. The waveform can be sent via email and imported into an Excel spreadsheet for additional viewing and analysis.

Dynamic inrush restraint (DIR) limits inrush current for 480v applications

Based on loading and power system parameters, SuperSwitch3 can dynamically modify its standard transfer switching algorithm. This technology limits the load inrush current in situations where the switch must make an immediate transfer to preserve load power quality. This breakthrough technology not only restricts the stress on fuses and breakers in he power distribution train, but also minimizes the chance of load interruption. Ultimately, this capability provides the maximum possible power quality of the voltage output for mission critical applications.

What is Dynamic inrush restraint (DIR)?

A switching method that reduces the magnitude of potential load side current inrush while maintaining the high speed transfer required to maintain downstream system performance.

Dynamic Inrush Restraint is accomplished by using software to compare the decaying source and the oncoming source, determine relative phase angles, current phase angle, and output volt-seconds to compute a 2 Step transfer scheme to dynamically control SCR turn-on to minimize flux imbalance in the downstream magnetic elements.

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